Best Selling Paranormal Werewolf Romance Books List 2023

This year’s best-selling werewolf romance books are getting hotter and hotter. With thousands of reads and votes, these wolf novels about mate just proved and proved again that they are the best!

Werewolf Romance is very popular today and in the past too. With multiple different tropes available, one can’t be bored reading a werewolf book. Werewolf got it all! It has fantasy, action, dark romance, and many more that readers will find enjoyable and fun!

Below is the list of 5 Best Selling Werewolf Romance books this 2023. The power these novels hold is so great that they are included in the list. We guarantee that these novels are very worth it to read! Continue reading and enjoy these books as you dive into the deeper world of Werewolf Romances!

5 Best Selling Paranormal Werewolf Romance Books 2023

1. True Luna

Author: TessaLilly


Emma Parker, this werewolf book’s protagonist, had been friends with the future Alpha ever since she was a kid. She and her brother got along with Logan. Even when her parents were killed and Logan’s father died, their relationship was still the same. Emma was the daughter of the former Beta. Now her brother holds that position. But even so, Emma worked hard to study how to serve Logan in the future.

When her 18th birthday came, she was surprised to know that Logan was her mate. She felt happy but that joy suddenly was broken when Logan seemed afraid when he found out. She overheard Logan saying to her brother that she was not ready to be Luna yet since she just had her 18th birthday. He also said that Sienna would be the perfect Luna to manage the pack together with him.

In this werewolf romance book, mates can reject each other but their bond will never be severed. Betrayed by her mate, Emma accepts his rejection. But even so, they were still bound by their mate bond and would still feel each other. But what if Emma is the perfect Luna for Logan? What if Logan finally sees that Emma was the True Luna all along?

True Luna is one of the best werewolf romance books and it will not disappoint you! Read the novel and find out if Logan will realize his mistake and make up for another chance.

 2. He Stole my Heart, I Stole his Child

Author: Hazlewood


Bailey’s relationship with her lover, Levi was getting out of hand. She was fed up with his attitude and knew that their relationship changed from sweetness to bitterness. And in the height of their argument, Bailey decided to go to a bar and have a drink. There, she would meet Axel. A handsome guy who instantly captured her sight. He was nice and considerate, and even drove her to a restaurant when she told him that she wasn’t a drinker. In this wolf romance book, we have a female protagonist who was tied to her possessive and red-flag boyfriend.

Bailey knew that something was going on between them and was well aware of the sparks she felt. Giving up on her desires. She slept with him. What can she do? There was no denying it. Both Axel and Bailey knew that they want each other and together, a human and a werewolf burned more passionately.

After spending a passionate night with a stranger she just met, she overheard that Axel had a family and a child! Bailey fled away and broke up with Levi. But soon, she found out that she was pregnant she doesn’t know whose the father was!

This exciting werewolf book about an Alpha finally meeting his mate and losing her after spending one night with her will keep the readers in suspense. Find out more about Bailey and Axel’s romance as you read this thrilling werewolf romance book!

3. The Unwanted bride of Atticus Fawn

Author: LaurG


Autumn, this werewolf romance book’s main character, was arranged marriage to Atticus Fawn. Ever since she was fourteen, Autumn fell in love with Atticus so why shouldn’t she be happy with her parents’ sudden announcement that she’s going to marry Atticus?

Fate was cruel. Atticus had a mate already. It was none other than Anya, Autumn’s best friend. But his parents were against his mate. And the reason why his parents wanted to marry him off to Autumn is that his mate is also his two siblings’ mate. Even if Autumn was happy with the arrangement, she can’t capture his heart.

Atticus can’t ignore his parents, since he thought that it was family who always comes first. He agreed to marry Autumn, but Anya seemed to be plotting something and did not want Autumn and Atticus to marry each other.

Reading wolf romance books like this will keep the readers on the edge, This wonderfully written werewolf book is one of the best and will not disappoint its readers. Keep reading The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn and unveil secrets and mysteries together with Autumn and Atticus.

4. Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate

Author: A E Randall


Ann Veritas, the daughter of the Alpha King was set to marry the future Alpha King and her mate, Brad Lunaris. In this wolf romance book, we have the main character who had already found her mate. Looking forward to her wedding with Brad, Ann can finally leave the mansion that she once called home.

But as if fate was playing with her, Ann caught her mate cheating with her sister Ada. Just like other werewolf books, it started with the protagonist walking in her mate having s*x with her sister. Broken and hurt, she ended up in a popular club district where she met Alpha Nocturne. She happened to hear the Alpha and his companion’s conversation about Alpha Nocturne’s curse. The curse that took his ability to find his true mate.

Caught eavesdropping while trying to escape, Ann struck a deal with Alpha Nocturne. She will marry him and be his chosen mate.

For Alpha Nocturne who desperately wanted to find his mate and Ann who had just got her heart broken, a contract partnership might be the answer they need.

From curses and contracts, read this werewolf romance book involving a known ruthless Alpha and a cheated daughter of the Alpha King

5. Alpha of Aberdeen

Author: Cc Lopez


This werewolf book is about Chloe, an ordinary human living in the werewolf world. Although living together with werewolves, she should have found it unbelievable but it’s true! She adapted well, to her surprise, and found out that there were also humans like her. She began having friends with a werewolf and now her best friend is one.

One day, she was invited by her wolf friends to a pack party. She stumbled upon a stranger and immediately felt drawn to him. But since he was a stranger, Chloe avoided him only to find out that he was the Alpha— the leader of the pack and the male lead of this wolf romance book.

But the Alpha had other plans. He summoned her to his office and once they touched, Chloe felt a tingling sensation that almost feel like she was electrified, in a good way.

Knowing little about the werewolves, Chloe did not know what it meant and was confused. Who knows that the Alpha of Aberdeen wanted her as his Luna? Her— a human!

Another human and werewolf relationship again! But this time, in this wolf romance book, let’s be entertained by the Alpha wooing his human mate to be his Luna.

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