It doesn't get much more zeitgeisty than an art show that consists exclusively of representations of cats. Proof perfect: the line that stretched down Maple Avenue on the opening night of “Cat Art Show L.A. 2: The Sequel” at Think Tank Gallery downtown in March. Kids wearing cat ears, adults wearing cat ears and regular people not wearing cat ears perused 118 cat-themed artworks by Kat Von D, Norman Reedus, Mark Ryden, Shepard Fairey and dozens of other artists. Among the most eye-catching works was a painting by James Seward, featuring a pensive Patrick Swayze with a tan tabby; both subjects are surrounded by glowing white auras of light, much like Swayze's character Sam at the end of Ghost. Cat Art Show founder Susan Michals, who owns a cat named Miss Kitty Pretty Girl, is in the process of selecting artists to participate in “Cat Art Show 3,” which will return to Think Tank Gallery in spring 2017.

LA Weekly