It doesn't get much more zeitgeisty than an art show that consists exclusively of representations of cats. Proof perfect: the line that stretched down Maple Avenue on the opening night of “Cat Art Show L.A. 2: The Sequel” at Think Tank Gallery downtown in March. Kids wearing cat ears, adults wearing cat ears and regular people not wearing cat ears perused 118 cat-themed artworks by Kat Von D, Norman Reedus, Mark Ryden, Shepard Fairey and dozens of other artists. Among the most eye-catching works was a painting by James Seward, featuring a pensive Patrick Swayze with a tan tabby; both subjects are surrounded by glowing white auras of light, much like Swayze's character Sam at the end of Ghost. Cat Art Show founder Susan Michals, who owns a cat named Miss Kitty Pretty Girl, is in the process of selecting artists to participate in “Cat Art Show 3,” which will return to Think Tank Gallery in spring 2017.