For some, genius strikes in the form of, say, inventing the telephone. For others, it can come in the ability to play freeform jazz on a saxophone. Then there's the type of person who stares at a long-abandoned Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet that had been slumping sadly in Palms for close to a year, and says, “This shall be a marijuana dispensary — and I shall call it KFC.” But rather than tearing the whole place down and starting from scratch, this creative entrepreneur thought to keep the structure almost entirely intact, removing only the original KFC sign at the top of the building, then painting the exact same acronym in large green letters across the front windows. They do not, sadly, sell THC-buttered biscuits, nor, as far as I can tell, do they offer family meals or “Pineapple Express” by the bucket. But they do, like the other myriad dispensaries found on just about every block in Los Angeles these days, sell marijuana. But what exactly does this alternative KFC stand for? They call it “Kind for Cures,” which is really a shame, since in all honesty, shouldn't it stand for “Kentucky Fried Chronic”? Yeah, I thought so, too. 3516 Hughes Ave., Palms. (310) 836-5463.

—Noah Galuten

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