You're craving flesh: bloody ligaments marbled with fat, woven with lesser-known threads of connective tissue and un-sucky karma. You want it grass-fed, you want it free-range, you want it fresh, raw, kosher, resting in peace and blessed by whirling, twirling dervishes who sacrificed Animal X's well-lived life with conscious intention while the Aquarian moon was full and fat, and the Dalai Lama yodeled his approval. Rawsome is your spot. This members-only co-op caters to the most fanatical of wellness geeks and Paleolithic Diet followers alike, selling freshly slaughtered animal parts, ground, chopped and ready for immediate uncooked consumption. Rawsome has a wide selection of various organs and limbs from four-legged and finned things, sliced and diced with onions, tomatoes and other nonjudgmental flavor. In addition to raw flesh, including the infamous raw bison burger, mixed with spices and bee cum, dressed with raw cheddar and freshly sliced tomatoes, and then wrapped in a happy collard green, they offer raw dairy products — Amish yogurts, cheeses and kefirs, plus a dazzling array of produce, superfoods, royal jelly, big fat raisins with seeds, and glowing topless men ready and willing to talk your ear off about bio-available fermented micro-organisms and minerals and things. 665 Rose Ave., Venice. (310) 452-2244, —Dani Katz

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