Morton W. Barke, director of both Botox on the Beach and the Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center in Venice, is a genius. Other than a pint of Chunky Monkey after a bong hit, what could possibly go together better then a medical marijuana prescription and Botox? I call it the Fry and Bake. Fry your face at the beach, and then fix it (while baked!) right next door at the only one-stop shop you need. My only question is whether he lets you light up before or after he freezes your forehead and erases your lines. The greatest thing is no one will know how stoned you are because your face won't MOVE!!! Talk about looking rested! I can't feel my lips. … And how much you bet you score a Bill Maher sighting? 1307 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach; (424) 744-8021,

—Elizabeth Bernheim

LA Weekly