Electric Dusk Drive-In isn't quite the last of a dying breed, but it is an endangered species. The number of drive-ins has dwindled in recent decades, so it's lucky for us that we still have a great one in the center of Los Angeles. An arresting view of the downtown skyline makes for a picturesque backdrop behind the screen, which plays cult favorites (The Big Lebowski) as well as more serious offerings (Rosemary's Baby) alike. The snack shack has burgers, hot dogs and other fare, and those who don't feel like watching from their car are welcome to partake in the lawn-style Astroturf seats — they're closest to the screen, and outdoor speakers ensure that all assembled will hear everything as clearly as they would from their radio. Pets are welcome too, so bring your dog Inigo to The Princess Bride if you want him to know where his name came from.

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