You can lurk around improv clubs all year in the hope of seeing your favorite comedic actors, or you can hang out with pretty much all of them at the same time while filling your belly full of meat. Which would you prefer? Hosted by chef Neal Fraser, Tim & Eric's Eric Wareheim, TV exec Cort Cass and The Simpsons' Matt Selman, Beefsteak harks back to a simpler time, when the gentry would pay a flat (fat?) fee and eat all the meat they wanted. The plates of meat keep coming at this once-a-year feast, and the faces you know from Comedy Central and The Office are getting stuffed right alongside yours. Just be sure to wipe your chin with a napkin before walking over and saying hello. —Keith Plocek

214 S. Main St., dwntwn., 90012. (213) 626-1507,

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