Best Place to Get Nailed (Safely)

Fungus is not fun, especially for those who take pride in their hands and feet. And yet it’s the very people (usually female) who take time to keep their extremities pretty who put themselves most at risk. Every time we visit a salon hoping to get gleaming toes and fingers, we risk walking out with some yucky infection or virus. Hands to Hold in Sherman Oaks should make germaphobes rest a bit easier. The salon gives every patron her own utensil box complete with personal nail file, pumice stone and wooden cuticle stick. Your name and box number go on file upon your first visit, and they pull out your box every time you come in. Of course, they do get rid of it if you don’t come back within two months, but you will, even if you’re not a Valley girl. Besides the peace of mind from not having to share nail tools with strangers, the place is actually pretty cool to visit. The TVs are always set to guilty-pleasure programming (bad reality shows or the E! Channel), they’ve got every new magazine under the sun, and they even give ya free soda while you’re waiting, soaking or drying.

Hands to Hold 4419 Van Nuys Blvd., ?No. 2, Sherman Oaks, (818) 995-1867

LA Weekly