If you've gotten a little too tweezer-happy, a quick visit to Senna Makeup & Brow Studio in Beverly Hills or Tarzana will fix the most crooked of brows. From uneven arches to the dreaded tadpole, studio owner Eugenia Weston, an Emmy-nominated makeup artist and brow expert, has seen it all. She and her well-trained staff don't judge; they fix, with deft hands and a keen eye. They're firmly against threading and waxing, believing those methods can compromise your shape and traumatize the delicate skin surrounding the eye area. They are, however, convinced that a well-shaped brow is the fastest and most economical face-lift. In 30 minutes or less, they'll undo any damage you've done to yourself and teach you how to keep it from happening again. 367 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills. 90210, (310) 274-1028; 18663 Ventura Blvd., #118, Tarzana 91356. (818) 881-4911; sennacosmetics.com. —Bren Lee Gomez

LA Weekly