If you're like us, you somehow inexplicably spend half your life driving to and from LAX. Perhaps you're a world traveler, or you have so many visiting friends that you're just an unofficial shuttle service. But either way, you're going to need somewhere to stop for food on the way in or out. And while certain charming diners might call your name, and the swank Manhattan Beach eateries are quite convenient, our favorite pre- or post-LAX haunt is Coni'Seafood in Inglewood. It certainly has lots to show newbie L.A. visitors in terms of what's awesome about eating in this town. In a cinderblock dining room one friend described as resembling “the Flintstones' living room,” there are smoked marlin tacos, which are like the best tuna melt ever, only in taco form. There are all manner of cocteles, such as the ceviche marinero, a jumble of shrimp marinated in lemon, cucumber, cilantro and tomato, topped with hunks of sweet mango and bathed in a wicked, dusky “black sauce.” Then there are the camarones, giant, head-on shrimp that come in many different variations of sauce, including diablo for the spice lovers and borrachos — a broth made from tequila, lime, cilantro and crushed peppers — for the hungover. And of course there's the snook, or pescado zarandeado, a grilled white fish that's one of the city's great seafood dishes.

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