The Kruegermann family has been selling their German-style Krüegermann Pickles and sauerkraut since they moved to Glassell Park from East Germany nearly 50 years ago (Marxist-spiced red pickles didn't taste quite right to the longtime pickling family). Today, you can find their two-dozen pickled products, including uborka (red-chile-spiced cucumber pickles), rote beete (tangy pickled beets), and naturally fermented sauerkraut at German markets and many local supermarkets. Everything from the frischgurken (sweet pickles) to the rotkhol (tangy sweet red cabbage with apples) is made from produce sourced at nearby California farms. Plus, as the price of a jar of pickled veggies from a certain commercial producer whose name rhymes with “classic” encroaches on five bucks, you might as well spend the same amount on much tastier, and locally stomped (sort of like grape stomping, only with shredded cabbage and salt), Krüegermann kraut. Available at Vons, Ralphs, Whole Foods and specialty markets. (323) 662-9313,

—Jenn Garbee

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