If you plan to head to Reseda to check out the goods at Valley Produce, know this: There is never a good time to go. It is always crowded, and finding a parking spot is always a slightly maddening experience. But, if you can deal with the mass of people who hit up this marketplace daily, you won't be disappointed. The produce section is renowned for its low prices and wide selection, but make sure you check out the groceries as well. Although Valley Produce hosts an array of ethnic foods, the focus is on the staples of Persian, Armenian and other Middle Eastern diets. Some of the best deals here can be found among the nuts and dried fruits. For $1.49, you can get a package of Tazah Dried Apricot Paste (the best store-bought fruit roll around), big enough to feed a whole family. A small, cake-styled package of King Brand dried figs is only $1.99. In the deli section, you can get a one-pound block of French feta cheese for $6.65. With all the money you saved, you can pop by the shoe repair/CD shop at the entrance and pick up a Googoosh disc. 18345 Vanowen Blvd., Reseda. (818) 609-1955.

—Liz Ohanesian

LA Weekly