Artisanal LA: Compartes Chocolatier's peanut butter spreadI'm not sure what to call the peanut butter concoction Compartes Chocolatier was selling at this weekend's Artisanal LA fest. Paste? Filling? Frosting?

What I do know is that it was the first time the Brentwood chocolatier packed their peanut butter cream into jars and offered them for sale. Imagine buying an entire jar of pure, uncut Oreo cream filling. This is the equivalent, only a hundred times better.

Compartes, known for their inventive chocolates, makes a dreamy peanut butter spread. I'm sure it's meant to be used sparingly, as a filling for petite candies or maybe dolloped onto ice cream. Nuts to that. This is crack for peanut butter fanatics. Spoon it straight from the jar as you tell yourself: you can always quit tomorrow.

[UPDATE: Compartes just added their homemade peanut butter to their online store. $8 for an 8-oz. jar.]

Compartes Chocolatier: 912 S. Barrington Ave., L.A. (310) 826-3380,

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