Nootropics are substances that help enhance cognitive functions and boost definite mental functions such as memory, attention span, and concentration.

Many people are interested in nootropics to gain an advantage in mental performance. This interest has expanded the nootropics market like never before.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropic is a Greek word meaning mind-turning. They are substances that function as brain boosters. They help enhance intelligence, creativity, and alertness. 

There are two broad categories of Nootropics:

Natural Nootropics– These involve naturally obtained ingredients like plant and herb extracts. These are assessed for their effectiveness in enhancing cognition. Nootropics do not come under FDA regulations and are not allowed to claim a few of their prominent effects.

Synthetic Smart Drugs– These are artificially created pharmaceutical agents that have an impact on mental functioning. They are advised to be used under medical supervision and need a prescription to be purchased.

There are several nootropic brands available, and it is not easy to choose the right one. To make it easy for the user, some of the best available Nootropics have been chosen and reviewed here:

  1. BrainPill
  2. NooCube
  3. Hunter Focus
  4. Nootrogen

These have been reviewed in detail. 

1. BrainPill

A person needs to be always ready in this fast-paced and hyper-productive world. Mediocre work is not acceptable. The pressure of being excellent at work causes stress and anxiety. BrainPill relieves a person from this pressure and to excel at work.

BrainPill is medically proven and useful in energizing the brain. It ensures a sustained mental performance throughout the work. It is developed particularly for sustainable cognitive endurance throughout the day.

BrainPill Contents

It constitutes some of the world’s most trusted and well-researched nootropics that enhance focus, concentration, and mental energy. BrainPill consists of the following nootropics for focus and cognitive energy:

  • Citicoline Cognizin
  • Tyrosine
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Vitamin B12
  • L- Theanine
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B5

The product also consists of the following nootropics for advanced memory matrix and brain acceleration.

  • Bacopa Monnieri- Synapsa
  • Huperzine A
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vinpocetine
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • DHA complex

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The science behind the BrainPill

BrainPill is primarily essential to enhance mental performance under all stressful conditions. It is a formulation of clinically proven brain boosters. BrainPill uses scientifically proven and trusted nootropics.

Here are three points that prove the effectiveness of BrainPill –

  • It is certified by clinical tests.
  • It is clinically tested and has no side effects.
  • It is 100% natural and clinically approved for long-term use.

What are the benefits of BrainPill?

BrainPill helps in the following ways-

  • Quick thinking: It helps in thinking quickly and improves memory recalling power. It enhances critical thinking abilities and decision-making.
  • Protection: It prevents mental fatigue and clears brain fog. It protects from breakdown.
  • Stamina: BrainPill increases cognitive endurance and enhances focus time
  • Memory: It improves learning ability and boosts retention power.
  • Concentration: It helps concentrate and keeps a person focused under stress.


  • 6 month supply- $354.95 + free global shipping
  • 5 month supply- $310.95 + free global shipping
  • 4 month supply- $253.95 + free global shipping
  • 3 month supply- $192.95 + free global shipping
  • 2 month supply- $130.95 + free global shipping
  • 1 month supply- $69.95 + free global shipping

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy:

BrainPill comes with a 60 days guarantee. A person can return the product after 60 days if they do not feel any difference after using the product regularly. Refund is issued, excluding shipping and handling costs. BrainPill comes with a no-questions-asked refund policy.

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When should one use BrainPill?

BrainPill is effective if a person suffers from heavy brain fog and is not able to think normally. This nootropic is effective if someone is stuck on the same thing for a long time and cannot derive simple solutions. People finding it difficult to retain their memory or have mentally challenging work can also use BrainPill. The pills work well for people who lose their mental stamina quickly and are not focused on work.

People witnessing mental weaknesses, unclear states of mind, and lack of concentration can use this medicine to overcome these problems. It is also effective for people who need to work for long and hyper-productive hours and wish to be mentally strong, confident, and extra productive when necessary.

What to expect from the use of BrainPill?

BrainPill offers high focus when it is required the most. It also provides the power to shift from one task to another without stopping or getting exhausted. The product provides a continuous flow of mental energy to keep the brain charged for the entire day. It also enhances decision-making, planning, and problem-solving processes effectively. It offers extreme motivation to people who face the excess workload and provides additional brainpower to meet short deadlines.

Consistency in concentration and mental awareness is another key benefit of BrainPill. The pill is beneficial for enhancing critical thinking skills, increasing the capacity to retain important information, and quick thinking.

To experience the total benefits of these pills, they need to be used for at least 30 days. 


  • No caffeine
  • No jitters
  • No crashing
  • Free from unwanted side-effects
  • 100% Natural
  • Exceptional ingredients
  • A unique mix of high-quality ingredients
  • Clinically tested and approved
  • No filler or trace ingredients
  • Prescription not required

BrainPill helps achieve peak mental performance for the entire day. The product is risk-free and offers immense benefits to individuals suffering from mental stress.

2. NooCube

Today’s way of living is very hectic and requires a lot of alertness, perseverance, and ability to handle stress. Unfortunately, a regular everyday diet does not include the essential nutrients the brain needs to perform at its best. NooCube offers nutrients and other components for the brain to work at its peak.

NooCube is a unique blend of nootropics that helps enhance memory, mental speed, and focus. It allows a safe and effective way of improving cognitive functioning.

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NooCube ingredients

NooCube consists of the following prime ingredients uniquely formed to enhance the cognitive functioning of the brain.

Alpha GPC: Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine enhances the levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that transmits messages between brain cells. It is essential for learning, memory, and focus. Therefore, known as the learning transmitter. Alpha GPC has shown such an enormous potential to enhance cognitive function that its use is in consideration for treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Huperzine A: Huperzine A is extracted from the Chinese moss plant. It inhibits acetylcholinesterase (AchE) and helps in fragmenting the learning neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. It helps increase and maintain an excess level of acetylcholine to enhance concentration, mental clarity, and memory. Huperzine A is proven to be effective in improving cognitive functioning. It is particularly proven to be successful in treating Alzheimer’s disease. 

Cat’s Claw: Cat’s Claw is extracted naturally from Uncaria Tomentosa, a vine found in the Amazon rainforest. Cat’s claw has shown neuroprotective benefits. It consists of antioxidants and helps in enhancing cognitive performance and brain health.

Bacopa: Bacopa Monnieri is an Indian herb that consists of compounds called bacosides. These restore damaged neurons and enhance new nerve growth. It increases the communication of neurons with the brain, thus, improving mental strength and cognitive performance.

Oat Straw: Oat Straw is also known as Avena sativa and is derived from wild green oats. It is essential in folk medicine as a brain booster. It is trusted to improve the alpha-3 waves in the brain that are very vigilant during wakefulness. They are responsible for maintaining inflammation within artery walls.

L-Theanine & L-Tyrosine: L-Theanine is an amino acid and is one of the components of black and green tea. It develops neurotransmitters in the brain that helps in relieving stress. L-Tyrosine is another amino acid that plays a significant role in the manufacture of dopamine and noradrenaline. It is believed to enhance cognitive function by decreasing stress and helping to maintain focus. 

What are the benefits of NooCube?

The nootropic helps improve brain functioning and memory issues. It also improves concentration and the energy to multitask easily. Taking NooCube helps people to communicate better with others. The capsules also increase mental energy.


One can consume two NooCube capsules every morning during breakfast. Effects of the product vary owing to varying neurochemistry. It is advisable to start with 2 capsules initially before finding the best dosage. Depending on the results, NooCube dosage can be increased up to 4 capsules every day but not more than this. 


1 bottle (60 capsules) $39.99

2 bottles + 1 free (180 capsules) $79.99

3 bottles + 3 free (360 capsules) $119.99

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy   

NooCube comes with a 60-day refund guarantee. A person can return the product after 60 days if they do not feel the difference. Refund is issued after deducting shipping and handling costs.

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  • Mental clarity and increased focus
  • NooCube’s formulation involves the safest, purest, and most trusted, and powerful ingredients
  • Clinically tested and approved for safety and backed by decades of research
  • Caffeine-free

Along with generic functions of nootropics, NooCube also provides confidence for public speaking and prepares individuals for ultimate multitasking.

3. Hunter Focus

Life is fast paced has various kinds of distractions like social media, notifications, emails, traffic, calls, etc. Attention span has reduced over the last few years. This hectic lifestyle has even reduced the capacity to multitask. Hunter Focus is a product that can be of great help in dealing with everyday tasks more effectively.

It allows a person to have better mental clarity for organizing workload. It also helps focus mental energy on the work and eases switching focus from one task to another.

Hunter Focus Contents:

Hunter Focus consists of natural ingredients of exceptional quality. It consists of the following:

  • Citicoline: It is a natural chemical in the brain. It is responsible for enhancing attention, learning, and memory.
  • N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (NALT):It is an amino acid that boosts memory, motivation, multitasking, and focus.
  • L-Theanine: It is an amino acid derived from tea. It improves the creativity of a person by boosting alpha waves in the brain.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: It sharpens your memory and enhances alertness.
  • Maritime Pine Bark:It increases blood flow so that more oxygen and glucose reach the brain. It helps in maintaining focus, improving cognitive abilities and attention.
  • Bacopa: It is an aquatic plant and helps in fighting both acute and chronic stress.
  • Phosphatidylserine:It is a derivative of amino acid and aminophospholipid. It is known for anti-stress factors.
  • Ashwagandha:It is a well-known ayurvedic medicine traditionally used to cure depression and anxiety.
  • Passion Flower: It is a North American flowering plant. It helps in decreasing stress and curing insomnia and anxiety. 


It is advisable to take 4 Hunter Focus capsules daily. To experience full benefits continue using these capsules for at least 3 months. 

What are the benefits of Hunter Focus?

Hunter Focus enhances memory retention and delivers optimal concentration. These capsules elevate the mood by decreasing anxiety issues.

The capsules offer optimized learning, improve cognitive functions, and enhance energy levels with their natural anti-fatigue composition. They also boost an individual’s creativity. 


  • 1 bottle (120 capsules)- 1 month $75
  • 2 bottles (240 capsules)- 2 months: $150
  • 3 bottles + 1 bottle (480 capsules)- 4 months $225 

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy   

The company does not allow returns on opened or used products, excluding shipping and handling charges.

The company offers refunds if the product is returned as given below –

  • Within 30 days of purchase in the US/ Mexico/Canada
  • Within 14 days of purchase in the Uk and the rest of the world. 


  • Scientifically proven ingredients
  • Transparent formulation
  • Use of premium ingredients
  • No use of any caffeine stimulants 

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Why Hunter Focus?

There are several nootropic brands available in the market that consist of unproven ingredients. Sometimes there is not enough information about the ingredients used in these brands. However, Hunter Focus has a transparent formula and uses premium ingredients for optimum results for its customers. Also, it does not use caffeine stimulants which can cause various harmful side-effects like dizziness. On the contrary, it provides immense concentration to focus on the task.

Hunter Focus is highly effective in maintaining high energy levels minus caffeine side-effects. It offers a unique matrix of ingredients that also provides the overall development of the brain and body.

4. Nootrogen

People are often unable to focus on the work in their hands. They can’t concentrate and are mentally incapable of remembering things. Some people even find it difficult to remember birthdays and anniversaries. All these problems can be solved by using Nootrogen.

It is perfect for solving concentration and memory-related problems. The product helps in enhancing mental capabilities and improves focus and mental energy.

Nootrogen contents

  • Dimethylaminoethanol– Helps acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for memory and learning capabilities.
  • Glutamic acid– It is an amino acid. It is involved in the nervous system acting as a neurotransmitter.
  • L-Tyrosine– It is an amino acid that acts as a predecessor for the famous neurotransmitter, Dopamine. It also acts as a predecessor to norepinephrine and adrenaline.
  • Trace Minerals– Iron, Selenium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc are essential in healthy brain functioning. Calcium helps synaptic plasticity. The combination of multiple neurotransmitters with the help of iron and zinc helps in neurotransmission.
  • Vitamin B3 Niacin– It is an antioxidant that enhances brain cell functions.
  • Vitamin B5– Pantothenic Acid- It is required to blend several neurotransmitters.
  • Vitamin B6– Pyridoxal Phosphate- It regulates the synthesis of multiple neurotransmitters.
  • Bacopa Extract– It helps in improving information processing and attention.
  • Phosphatidylserine– It is extracted from cell membranes of animals and plants where it is involved in receptors and signaling. 


One can consume 2 Nootrogen capsules daily. To get the best outcome, take the pill 20 to 30 minutes before a meal. Healthcare professionals suggest taking the Nootrogen with a glass of water. 

What are the benefits of Nootrogen?

  •  Memory Support: The Nootrogen formula consists of ingredients that keep the brain healthy and support its natural synaptic plasticity. Synaptic plasticity is the brain’s reaction to information through reconnecting its neurons.
  • Focus Support: Helps people who are distracted while working and need to be highly productive. The ingredients in Nootrogen help enhance focus and concentration.
  • Support for Cognition– Cognition is an umbrella term for the brain’s central processing that includes recognition, reasoning, abstraction, and creativity. It helps to make decisions that involve critical thinking. Nootrogen helps in improving the cognition functioning of the brain.
  • Reduce Everyday Stress– Nootrogen includes some ingredients that are known for dealing with everyday stress. These ingredients help reduce stress and anxiety associated with performance, for instance, academic testing or public speaking. 


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  • 1 bottle (60 capsules)- 30 days $29.95
  • 2 bottles (120 capsules)- 60 days $52.96
  • 3 bottles + 1 bottle (2400 capsules)- 120 days $78.96

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy   

Nootrogen offers 100% return on unopened packages of Nootrogen. 


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Essential vitamins and minerals

Nootrogen can help reduce stress and improve cognitive functions. It can also help you maintain a work and home balance and retain memory functions.

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FAQs related to Nootropics

  1. Do Nootropics work?

Nootropic has become an umbrella term covering several kinds of medications and supplements. It is essential to know that doctors use pharmaceutical nootropics to cure mental health conditions and aging-related symptoms.

  1. Is caffeine a good nootropic?

Many individuals prefer caffeine as a nootropic. However, it only provides certain advantages such as alertness and energy. There is no sufficient proof to say that it stimulates memory. However, the main complication is that many people have complained of dizziness on using caffeine.

  1. Are nootropics good for Memory?

Nootropics help in achieving better results. Cholinesterase inhibitors are a kind of drug given to a person suffering from illness related to mental decline. They help in hampering the occurrence of symptoms related to language, memory, and judgment.

However, a healthy person must not use it without any valid reason.

  1. Can Nootropics reduce anxiety?

Nootropics improve the cognitive functioning of the brain. People not only seek improvement in concentration and focus but also want to reduce conditions like anxiety.

People seeking natural alternatives to calm themselves can use substances like CBD and ashwagandha. These substances are well known for their soothing qualities. However, they are not scientifically backed fully and don’t have approval from regulatory bodies.

It is advisable to use prescription medications to manage severe anxiety problems. The usual medicines for anxiety are Atium, Valium, and Xanax. These medicines need to be administered under the strict supervision of a medical doctor.

Nootropics might help regulate mood. Hence, take them as a supplement for anxiety with dietary changes, lifestyle, and therapeutic solutions like CBT.

  1. Is nootropic consumption safe?

Safety issues associated with Nootropics are still undergoing research. However, some reputed brands like the ones above have natural ingredients and formulations of vitamins and herbs with zero side effects.

  1. Are nootropic drugs legal?

Nootropics have the same effect as an everyday cup of coffee minus the caffeine side effects. Their legality varies as per different locations. Generally, they are not considered drugs but are known as supplements.

  1. What does stacking of nootropics mean?

Nootropic stacking is a very common term and involves a mixed consumption of nootropics to ‘stack’ all benefits. The most common combination includes caffeine or adaptogens with L-theanine. Adaptogens usually include Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola, and ashwagandha. Nootropic stacking can vary depending on tailored and personal combinations.


Many people are investing in nootropics to enhance their alertness, memory, and productivity. However, their research is still primitive, and there aren’t any solid conclusions. As the researchers carry out deeper studies, we can get a clear picture regarding the added benefits of nootropics.

Nootropics cost as much as a cup of coffee or even less. Their benefits can provide positive change in your personal and professional life. For the time being, one can use them as a part of their balanced and healthy lifestyle. One must also understand that nootropics are not any type of super pills. One must also try to improve lifestyle accordingly to enhance the advantages of nootropics like improving diet, sleep quality, or exposure to fresh air and sunlight.

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