Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy — and waffles that aren't Euro-fancifications of the Sunday-morning treat you remember? In other words, where have all the midcentury American waffle irons gone? The ones that make thinner, more pancake-like waffles, much as your grandma did. Most you find on brunch menus these days are Belgian and, much like deep-dish pizza to its hand-tossed cousin, it's just not the same thing. Enter Charlie's in the Original Farmers Market — a diner spot that serves breakfast to order all day, including old-style American waffles. They're not stout, airy things. They're dense and crispy, and the stuff of old-timey U.S.A. Sure, you can top them with fruit, or fried chicken, but that's not the point here. Smother them in butter and syrup (ask for an extra), and they're plain, simple and good. Booth 412, 6333 W. Third St., Fairfax District, 90036. (323) 933-0616, farmersmarketla.com. —Ali Trachta

LA Weekly