Believe it or not, for as big and abundantly sunny as L.A. is, it's a town seriously lacking in good options for lap swimmers who want smooth water, regulation-size lanes and backstroke flags. One excellent solution to this problem is the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, where parking is free and the two Olympic-size pools are a welcome sight, especially when you discover that one is kept at a toasty 87 degrees — perfect for chilly nights in the colder months. The center also offers a top-notch master's program, swim lessons, lifeguard training (bonus points if you get asked to pretend to drown during one of the drills) and an on-site pro shop in case your goggles break. Even more amazing to someone who has Googled “seriously Los Angeles rec swim where” is the well-organized website, which offers comprehensive lap swimming and lane-change calendars, closure notices and even a live webcam, in case you want to watch people exercising in lieu of actually doing it yourself. 360 N. Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena; (626) 564-0330,

—Nora Crutcher

LA Weekly