When you visit the OOMO Cube towering above the plaza in front of the Japanese American National Museum, push its steel-and-aluminum pieces as if you were spinning the sides of a giant Rubik's Cube. You'll see the faces of some 30 Angelenos twist through the air and fall into new patterns: Perhaps a wrinkly green eye here, a darkly freckled nose there and hot pink lips on the end. Nicole Maloney's photographs represent five facets of human diversity — race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status — and focus on eyes, noses and mouths in order to emphasize the basic similarities among all people. Maloney hopes to install similar cubes in cities worldwide, spreading a message of cross-cultural connection summed up in the phrase “out of many, one,” which gives the project its title. Before leaving, peer into the cube's mirrored bottom to see another piece of L.A.'s diversity: you. —Daina Beth Solomon

100 N. Central Ave., Little Tokyo, 90012. oomola.com.

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