In honor of this week's 'Best of Los Angeles' issue, West Coast Sound is offering a week's worth of items that haven't been included in the print issue. Expect a string of additional Bests throughout the week.

Back in April we let you know about what seemed to be a one-off collaboration between Stones Throw Records and Intelligentsia Coffee. And in fact, if you take the label's word for it, the resulting bag of beat-friendly beans (the “Stones Throw House Blend”) wasn't so much a planned brand commingling as it was an unsolicited gift from the coffeemakers. Well, the team-up is official now, as signified by the pending dual release of Dr. No's Ethiopium, an Afro-influenced album by producer Oh No, and Stones Throw Ethiopium, an Ethiopian coffee.

Figure out which is which in the images below.

Unfortunately the two aren't available as a bundled buy, but the preorder is up now at the Stones Throw site, and Dr. No's Ethiopium is already available in MP3 form (the expanded CD version is due out the same day as the coffee, November 2; LP pending).

Eighteen tracks of vintage Ethiopian jazz, funk, and psych-fueled beats: $9.99.

Twelve ounces of direct-trade beans from the nutrient-rich soils of the Sidama region: $19.99.

Revitalizing the relationship between music and coffee since Starbucks killed it: Priceless.

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