Originally located in San Diego, the Museum of Death moved to its current Hollywood location in the ’90s. The grisly collection includes photos from the Black Dahlia and Charles Manson crime scenes, continuously running films (a recruitment video from the Heaven’s Gate suicide cult, an embalmer’s how-to, footage of actual deaths), the art of serial killers John Wayne Gacy and Lawrence Bittaker, and the decapitated head of French murderer Henri Landru, who was guillotined in 1922 after slaughtering 11 women. Not the usual dreary stuff of field trips, for sure, but you may want to think twice before bringing the kids. As the museum’s website puts it, “There is not an age limit for the Museum of Death because WE ALL DIE but we STRONGLY recommend MATURE AUDIENCES.” 6031 Hollywood Blvd., Hlywd. (323) 466-8011, museum ofdeath.net. —Karina Longworth

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