Sure, El Cid is known for killer flamenco, but it transforms into an off-the-beaten-path theater for the monthly El Cid Short Film Night. Michael McCarthy, a longtime music booker for the venue, had the idea to bring the same spirit of rock shows to a film screening, with a “community” that comes back again and again, instead of just a one-off night when you might have to support whatever weird short your co-worker made. Unlike a traditional film screening in a regular theater, El Cid seats you at a long table for full dinner service (and bar service), so it's an all-in-one date night. If more people start submitting silent films, El Cid can do screenings outside on that oasis of a garden patio it has, but for the time being, show up at 8 p.m., grab a drink and take a seat inside to cheer on your fave local filmmaker and their crew. And if you're into that kind of thing: network.

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