72 Virgins is a series of four-week workshops that teach the art of making nonalcoholic cocktails as pretty as they are delicious. Founded by Howard Seth Cohen and Saba Mirza, fellows with Jewish-Muslim partnership NewGround, the workshops aim not only to showcase the art of alcohol-free mixology but also to establish a fun environment for honest talk between Muslims, Jews, Christians and more about social and religious misconceptions. You can attend all four classes for $40, or just drop in on one for $15. What to expect? Just a bunch of open-minded and curious folks breaking bread together — except instead of bread, they're mixing, muddling, juicing and experimenting. Ingredients range from homemade jamaica punch to ginger beer, vinegar to seasonal fruits and herbs. The sophistication of these drinks has lured people from all walks of sober life who crave a social atmosphere minus the booze — with the added bonus of learning to love thy neighbor. 72bebidas.com

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