Patronizing a chain barber salon not only makes you feel like an assembly-line product, but it often means you're going to walk out with a substandard cut. (When you get home, your wife will comfort you with the thought that it will look better “when it grows out.”) Old Glory Barber Shop & Tattoo, however, is a spot where men not only enjoy themselves but get great haircuts as well. The shop boasts an old-timey vibe, offering both straight-razor shaves and free PBR. (That'll take the edge off.) Hell, if you're feeling up for it, you can even get yourself a (quite reasonably priced) tattoo in the attached parlor; they're so quick that you can often get one while waiting for your barber's chair to open up. Your wife might not be thrilled with the matching pinups on your calves, but, hey, at least you'll be well-coiffed. 1716 Main St., Venice. (310) 821-1103.

—Andrew Courtien

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