If you roll your joints too loose and need a proper smoking implement, people in the know will tell you to go see daddy. Daddy's Pipes on the Ventura Boulevard strip in Sherman Oaks opened on April 20 (that's 4/20), 1998, only two years after California legalized medical marijuana. You can find a basic pipe for $5, or you can splurge on handmade pipes from Illadelph Glass, Roor and Sheldon Black, some limited editions of which can run $800 and more. In fact, some of Daddy's celebrity buyers are known to display their purchases as art. The shop also has clothing from Growing Gardens, the High Rise Co., Primitive and Daddy's own label. One of the best parts of this shop, however, is not what it sells but its address, which happens to be right next to a dispensary. You can purchase a conveyance and fill 'er up in one stop. Who's your daddy now?

LA Weekly