There are a myriad of Limited Liability Company (LLC) services on offer in the marketplace to create your business and they all offer great services and features along with competitive prices so it’s sometimes tough to choose what will suit your needs. We’ve prepared a handy guide to make your choice that much easier. Dive in to see the best LLC service at the moment.

The cost of forming the best LLC service, which gives business formation owners liability protection varies from state to state along with the regulation so you want a company with a professional team to help you that’s knowledgeable, readily available, offers speedy turnaround and has a solid and trustworthy reputation.

Top 10 Best LLC Services 2021

  1. ZenBusiness
  2. Better Legal
  3. IncFile
  4. Northwest Registered Agent
  5. Inc Authority
  6. Harbor Compliance
  7. MyCompanyWorks
  8. Swyft Filings
  9. BizFilings
  10. InCorp

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Best LLC Service Companies in 2021

1. ZenBusiness


  • Competitive pricing, features
  • Registered agent service


  • Some user complaints about software guidance
  • Turnaround times sometimes unclear

Visit Zenbusiness to Buy the Service

This Texas-based company, Zenbusiness, is hard to beat on many scores from pricing to service. Their pricing is one of the industry’s best values and includes features like registered agent service for a year, free accounting consultation, operating agreement template and 100% accuracy guarantee. Their low prices reflect the fact that the business entity has automated a big chunk of the business formation end of the business as well as compliance services. In addition, they’re able to hand on those savings to their customers.

At Zenbusiness, each of their packages includes preparation and filings of articles of organization, 12 months registered agent service and an LLC operating agreement giving business ownership and basic corporate operating rules. Even their lowest-cost package covers all the key features of setting up an LLC. Happy customer reviews highlight their strong customer service, painless set-up process and quick and overall easy navigation of the LLC formation service process. So if you are seeking one of the best LLC services, we highly recommend Zenbusiness.

2. BetterLegal


  • Fast turnaround time
  • Offers one-stop option that covers services and documents most often required


  • Pricier than some offerings
  • Negative reviews tough to find

Visit Better Legal to Buy the Service

BetterLegal boasts that it is the fastest and most affordable way for business owners to set up their business, filing with their state the same day so they’ll have their business within two business days. Its starter price is $299 plus the state filing fee. Customers say they like this business formation service for its quick and user-friendly registration process that one user described as “easy as pie,” fast status updates, online customer help chat service and plans that cover a lot of services.

The company also says it has no upsells or ads for products customers don’t need. BetterLegal, which calls itself a 21st-century company which gets the job done without wasting time or paper, wins overwhelming positive customer reviews that praise the company’s cost-effectiveness and seamless service that the clients say lives up to its two-day document turnaround promise which is one of the fastest in the industry.

3. IncFile


  • Ease of use sets them apart from rivals
  • Great customer service


  • No lawyers to give legal advice
  • Have to pay extra for best features, meaning you may have to upgrade

Visit Incfile to Buy the Service

There’s not too much negative to say about Houston-headquartered IncFile. Its basic silver package costs nothing apart from the state registration fee but you will need to pay extra for premium services like employer identification number (required for tax purposes) and an operating agreement. All three plans offer a name availability search, preparation and filing of articles of organization, business tax consultation, unlimited phone and email support, online access to incorporation documents, next-day business processing and one-year registered agent service free. The business entity has a strong customer support service and free guides, checklists plus a knowledge centre that explain the knotty aspects of doing business.

Also, you can look to IncFile to supply you with a lifetime of email/text-message company alerts to tell you when to file your annual reports and much more. As well, the company offers an intuitive interface. Incfile, which was founded in 2004, stands out among its competitors as one of the best value-for-money propositions and gets rave reviews from customers as one of the best LLC services at the moment.

4. Northwest Registered Agent


  • Strong customer security policies
  • Wide-ranging online resources


  • Don’t offer legal advice plans
  • Have to pay for important features like obtaining employer identification number

Visit Northwest Registered Agent to Buy the Service

Northwest Registered Agent which was founded more than two decades ago offers a variety of attractive features from strong security, availability in all 50 US states to wide-ranging online resources and easy-to-understand pricing choices but ones that are sometimes higher than the competition. For a fee, you get a preparation of articles of organization service that a Northwest Registered Agent will file for you, a name availability search and a free website template for your new business entity that is one of Northwest Registered Agent’s most popular offerings.

The company also has a feature-rich knowledge centre with how-to guides and checklists. On top of this, Northwest Registered Agent company set up involves an easy five-step process that takes only a few minutes. The company takes customer security seriously and has encryption keys and firewalls to ensure data is protected. Customer service is professional and fast and it gets some great reviews from users.

5. Inc Authority


  • Stress-free set-up and 100% free formation model
  • Excellent customer service


  • Expensive premium plans
  • No advanced compliance services such as annual report filing

Visit Inc Authority to Buy the Service

Inc Authority is a well-established company (founded in 1989) that has a strong reputation so you can’t go wrong there. It’s among a few LLC formation companies that have adopted a free LLC formation structure. That basic plan under which you only pay the mandatory state filing fees offers quite a wide scope of services — the business name search, preparing documents and filings, tax planning, business funding analysis and a free registered agent for a full year so that you won’t miss any legal notices.

The company hopes with its free services plan that you will sign up to its paying services that include an employer identification number required for tax returns and banking. You’ll also have to pay for an operating agreement and legal document package that includes an ownership certificate. Other upsells involve domain registration. The only drawback is that their premium packages can be expensive. The company’s reviews are filled with extremely positive feedback.

6. Harbour Compliance


  • Simple set-up process
  • Strong customer service to help you navigate the red tape


  • Prices for LLC formation and compliance at the high end of the range
  • Does not offer refunds

Visit Harbor Compliance to Buy the Service

Harbour Compliance was established back in 2012 by a group of government licensing professionals and technology specialists and its compliance employees handle the paperwork to set up your business. It says its filing specialists can troubleshoot hurdles in each jurisdiction so that applications get fast approval.

You sign up online to start the process and Harbour Compliance via its formation package searches the name availability, draft organization articles, acts as your registered agent, provides preliminary operating agreement and gets your federal employer identification number.

Each customer gets a compliance specialist to help navigate the process and most of the customer reviews sing the company’s praises. It boasts of advanced software that it says allows you to work smarter, not harder. But be warned it’s not cheap.

7. MyCompanyWorks


  • Hassle-free set-up
  • Good customer service


  • Only premium package offers registered agent service included
  • No attorney support but offers link to help customers find lawyer online

Visit My Company Works to Buy the Service

My Company Works has been around since 2001 and boasts an interactive personalized “wizard” to guide you step-by-step in setting up your company. Its slogan is “Startups Made Simple” and it features a “My Account Dashboard” to view orders, important compliance notices and to manage your company. It also offers a 100% satisfaction no questions asked refund if customers are unhappy with its service. Their website has a pile of information on how to establish a company and it has new business set-up services for all 50 states.

The company is a competitively priced business formation service firm. This includes name availability searches, preparation and filing articles of organization and unlimited phone and email support. It has no legal support, although it has a link to users to help them find a lawyer. There is Monday-to-Friday customer support. Customers say the firm answers emails within 10-to-20 minutes But clearly, My Company Works is doing a lot of things right because it’s really hard to find a negative review online of the company’s services.

8. SwyftFilings


  • Customers like document visibility from the platform’s dashboard
  • Fast turnaround, 100% money-back offer, lifetime customer support.


  • No registered agent service included in packages is a disadvantage
  • Promised voicemail response time of 24 hours slow compared to competitors

Visit Swyft Fillings to Buy the Service

Swyft Filings was set up in 2012 and is one of the cheapest choices for establishing an LLC. This base level includes a 30-minute business tax consult, They feature a 100% satisfaction, no questions asked services refund guarantee.

But one big disadvantage is that none of their plans includes a registered agent service. In fact, many of Swyft Filings’ services are a la carte. Those drawbacks aside, the company gets overwhelmingly positive reviews for SwyftFilings’ services on the Better Business Bureau website. Also, you can have as much phone and email support as you require, throughout the life cycle of your business, though some users complain about the length of time to return calls.

9. BizFilings


  • Time-saving, information-packed incorporation wizard ]
  • Longer customer service hours than competitors


  • Pricier than many rival services
  • Starter pack includes six-month registered agent service, not one-year like some rivals

Visit Biz Fillings to Buy the Service

While there are cheaper services around, there are certain things to like about BizFilings including its intuitive incorporation wizard that makes setting up an LLC a relative breeze. Your order which is numbered means customer service can readily locate your file if you need help.

Customers say they would like clearer expected turnaround times from the company. The basic package offers you six months registered agent service but some competitors offer it for a year for less. Bottom line: there are cheaper options but BizFilings has been in business since 1996 and is owned by global compliance firm Wolter Kluwer so it’s got a reputable name behind it.

10. InCorp Services, Inc


  • InCorp says it will beat any competitor on price, service
  • Customers like service-oriented, knowledgeable support service


  • Complaints about automatic billing problems
  • Customers complain about difficulties closing accounts

Visit InCorp to Buy the Service

This Las Vegas-headquartered company, founded 22 years ago, is an industry leader whose tagline is “We take care of your business like it’s ours.” InCorp’s LLC formation service says it will match any lower prices and even beat them. It covers preparation and filing of articles of organization and filing of them, a name availability search and domestic two-day shipping.

InCorp offers a variety of add-on features. Its customer services team, which includes some Spanish speakers, is on the job from 9 am to 9 pm weekdays. What makes it easier for their customers is that each one is assigned a dedicated company representative. InCorp’s customer reviews are a bit of a mixed bag. It has some great reviews on Google from customers who praise InCorp’s customer service but the reviews are not so good on the Better Business Bureau website with some customers complaining about cancellation service problems.

How to Choose an LLC Service

You’re hiring an LLC formation service to make it simple for you to set up your own business formation, without burdensome paperwork and expensive costs. So there are a whole lot of boxes you need to tick when looking for an LLC agent services, including pricing and plans, cost of making the necessary filings, customizable operation agreement, customer service and other type of offers.

Price and Value

To form an LLC formation and incorporation, let’s look at the price and value first. The cheapest is not always the best as add-on costs for necessary services may bump up costs significantly. Make a checklist of what you need to set up your business formation services, then scope the offerings and look beyond the headline price. If you’re seeking to keep costs down, ideally, you’d like an inexpensive base price, registered agent service for one year and an operating agreement that can be customized.

Main Features

When you’re setting up your best LLC service, you need to decide in which state to incorporate. Small businesses are generally advised to set up their LLC formation services in their home states where they derive their main income. But many also select Delaware for liability and asset protection purposes and well-drafted business law. In any event, any company registered agent services in one state will need to get a license to conduct business in any other state.

Also, you want to pick a name — your LLC service provider will do a name search for you to make sure it is not owned by a third party. As well, you have to file your LLC Articles of Organization covering such issues as how earnings are to be shared among the owners and who will run the LLC, and assign a registered agent services to receive legal documents. These LLC formation services can be provided by your LLC service company which will also obtain an employer identification number, also known as a federal tax identification number.

Additional Services

You may also want a business taxation consultation and/or a financial plan analysis that your LLC service business will provide as part of the package you select or it may be one of the extra offerings that you’ll need to pay for separately. Another thing you’ll need — and your LLC service agent can help you with this — is setting up an LLC bank account to keep your LLC financial transactions separate from your personal account.

Turnaround Time

You may be in a hurry to get your business up and running in which case turnaround time is key. Some service providers guarantee a time, such as two days. Those companies which don’t have a turnaround time on their website you will have to ask for an estimate of how long setting up your LLC formation services will take.

Companies Reputation

You’re investing time and money in your business so you want things to be as water-tight as possible, you need the best LLC service company that has a solid reputation. The best way to get a take on how a company is regarded is to look at its review pages on Google, the Better Business Bureau and Facebook. You want one that is at least four stars in ratings of the business.

Customer Support

Above all, you may need some hand-holding to form an LLC formation services and — if it’s your first LLC services — some intensive hand-holding to guide you through the red tape formalities and that’s where customer support is crucial. Ideally, you want a customer support team that will get back to you within 10 to 20 minutes on any of your email or phone message queries and that’s available long hours during the working week. It’s important that they know the business process inside out and can easily troubleshoot any problems.

Reasons to Use LLC Formation Services

It is possible to set up the best LLC formation services by yourself. However, it’s time-consuming and unless you’re an experienced hand at this, you can make lots of mistakes. That’s why so many people use an LLC filing service. Even the costly ones are not that expensive at the end of the day considering how much time and hassle they save.

How LLC Services Work

LLC services give you a structure for running your business, like making management decisions, sharing out profits and losses. The reason many small businesses are set up as LLCs is that it gives liability protection to the owners. If, for instance, your business is sued, creditors can only seize the company’s money and assets, not your personal assets. Also, an LLC doesn’t pay taxes at the business level. It lets earnings flow to the individuals. Any profit or loss is reported on the owners’ personal income tax returns and so any tax owing is paid at the individual level.

How To Create An LLC?

There is a string of steps you need to take to form an LLC formation and incorporation that includes picking a name, filing Articles of Organization and getting a registered agent services. You’ll also want an Operating Agreement stipulating how the company will be managed, rights, responsibilities and distribution of profits and losses.

LLC Formation

Once you come up with the idea for a best LLC services, you need to draft a business plan and if you decide to structure your company as an LLC, either do it yourself which as we’ve discussed can be full of hassles or choose the right LLC service company for you that will do the paperwork and deal with compliance issues. The LLC service company will file your Articles of Organization which includes the company’s name and the owner’s name or names with the state. It will also create an operating agreement that decides on how the business will be run and division of earnings.


While not every business owner will want to form an LLC, this structure which is one of the widely used business structures offers many advantages like protecting owners from personal liability and allow “pass-through” taxation so that company earnings are reflected on owners’ personal tax return and are not taxed as a business. But generally to set up the best LLC services right, and here’s the key takeaway, you’ll need an LLC service firm that is reputable, offers value-for-money, go-that-extra-mile customer service and is deeply knowledgeable about what it’s doing.


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