Every second Saturday of every month for the last three years, A Club Called Rhonda's crowd has spilled more voluptuously from El Cid — the flamenco dinner club that hosts it — onto the patio, up some darling switchbacks and out along Sunset Boulevard. The more popular it gets, the more nights we must elbow past wallflowers and rubberneckers in search of the floor, the heart, the starring queens. So Rhonda is repitching its spectacle, like a gender-bending gypsy caravan, at Los Globos Nightclub down the street. Los Globos has much larger capacity and, says organizer Alexis Rivera, “It takes Rhonda back to her Latin discotheque days of Guatelinda where the party started.” Newcomers will come. They'll call it a rave. A pride parade. Soft-core porn. But Rhonda is really an “ideal,” and “L.A.'s undisputed mecca for house, disco and polysexual hard partying,” besides. Don't be shy. Show up in full sequins or high enough heels and you may be pulled onstage by gorgeous she-males for a funk/soul workout with Peanut Butter Wolf, or some French duo, or whichever DJ is blowing the roof off. It's all love, baby. Just don't tell any more randos. Rhonda is a fucking secret. 3040 W. Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake. (323) 663-6517.

—Simone Wilson

LA Weekly