Never run into Cambridge Farms Market in a tiny tank dress on a Friday to pick up delicious sushi and some baba ghanoush for your dinner party. Orthodox women will stare you down, Orthodox men will run from you; either way you will feel shamed. (Believe me; I know.) This is the freshest and best grocery-store sushi around, with kosher sushi chefs willing to make it even fresher. Granted, you can't get the treife here (that would be shellfish for you goyim), but the spicy salmon and rainbow rolls are heaven on Earth. Pick up some Middle Eastern salads and shwarma for later, and you have to get some hummus; seriously, you have never seen so many types of hummus in one place in your life. Take my wife and my word for it, try the artichoke. I'll be here all week. 12431 Burbank Blvd., Valley Village. (818) 506-6661,

—Elizabeth Bernheim

LA Weekly