While Japanese grocery stores offer some high-priced items, there are some good deals at Mitsuwa's Torrance outpost. The best buys are in the snack aisles, where you can find large bags of wasabi crackers for $3.99 and large bars of yokan (a jelly dessert) for $1.99. For those who love anything kawaii, there are countless varieties of candies bundled in animé-style packaging at reasonable prices. The Mikawaya stand sells sweet treats for $1.15 apiece, including a tasty and filling daifuku (red bean paste covered in mochi). The big deals, though, are often found in the market's food court. Over at Yamamotoyama, a glass of iced green tea is $1.50. Curry Club serves curry and rice meals with your choice of topping (try the potato croquette) for about $5. And if you love Japanese fashion magazines, don't forget to check the tables in front of the cash registers. You can often find last month's issues of Fruits and Kera at deeply discounted prices. 21515 S. Western Ave., Torrance. (310) 782-0335.

—Liz Ohanesian

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