Too often industry parties involve the same boring entertainment and hors d'oeuvres, and quickly devolve into games of kiss-ass among those attempting to network. Coffin Case Presents: Club Tarantino is the exception. Held first Thursdays of the month at the beloved Three Clubs venue on Vine, it doesn't have any association with Quentin; the idea is simply that it's as weird as one of his films. Appropriately, then, you'll be entertained by left-field performers like Clownvis — the “King of Clowns” — Vains of Jenna, Lynda Kay and an assortment of burlesque performers. The Coffin Case folks have been throwing soirees like these since long before most current Angelenos first arrived here, and at this point they know what they're doing. It's never the same bill twice, and the price — free — is always right. Oh, and you can expect some celebs, if that's your thing; we've spotted the Metallica guys, Dave Navarro and Dave Lombardo, among many others. 1123 Vine St., Hlywd. (323) 462-6441,

—Diamond Bodine-Fischer

LA Weekly