You've probably seen them draped in long white dresses at MOCA, perched on sculptural geometric shapes at Art Basel or leaping high above the Santa Monica Mountains on Nowness, in that dreamy video for The Acid's “Basic Instinct.” And, if you haven't, you will. WIFE — a performance trio composed of Kristen Leahy, Nina McNeely and Jasmine Albuquerque —is too badass to ignore. Merging contemporary dance with original animations projected onto their bodies, which are themselves draped in custom-crafted costumes and topped off with architectural headpieces, WIFE is breaking new ground when it comes to experimental mixed-media performance art. The trio, which claims a shared fascination with dark feminine archetypes and the interconnectivity of all things, is devoted to creating immersive experiences that psychically transport audiences to realms unbound by time, space or culture. And they're doing a damn fine job of it, too.

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