Hong Kong cuisine has long blended traditional Cantonese styles with Western influences, as is especially apparent when it comes to desserts. At the four locations of Premier Dessert, you'll find classic Cantonese desserts alongside contemporary Hong Kong–style ones, all prepared so stylishly that they are almost too pretty to eat. With a focus on tropical fruits such as lychee, mango and durian — the notoriously stinky “king of fruits” — Premier Dessert features an extensive menu of options. Among the favorites are rolls and Hong Kong–style pancakes. The rice rolls are like those you'd be familiar with from dim sum, but sweet instead of savory, and come filled with mango, banana or durian, while the pancakes are small crepes wrapped around mildly sweet whipped cream and a choice of fruits. You also can get pancakes made from pandan, a plant whose leaves are popularly used in many Southeast Asian desserts and create a radiantly green-hued pancake. Lava puddings, tofu custards, taro balls, steamed egg-white dishes and snows are just some of the other sweets to choose from.

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