Above the Hermosillo brewpub sits an illuminated sign depicting a Tinkerbell-esque blonde in an emerald bodysuit, a remnant from the escort club previously housed in the space. Inside, the Hermosillo combines old-school comforts (retro vinyl booths, shuffleboard and an overhead projector displaying daily beer lists) with of-the-moment dining trends, including beers so local they were brewed in the back room. All told, it makes for the neighborhood's most inviting hangout. Last year the homey spot, which serves beer and wine but no liquor, introduced a food menu that includes pork belly tacos and fried chicken sandwiches. Perhaps the most fun thing to do at the spot, after you've had a few beers anyway, is to play the incredibly simple but addicting ring-toss game mounted to the back wall. They may have a fancy new menus, but some things will never change. —Jennifer Swann

5125 York Blvd., Highland Park. (323) 739-6459, thehermosillo.com.

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