When getting a facial, it's best to pick a spot that does clinical procedures, such as Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, which offers only certified medical aestheticians. This means you get to skip what often turns out to be well-intentioned hippie drivel that lesser spas feed you in the form of advice and procedures, in favor of a more aggressive approach. But who can argue with results? Additionally, the aestheticians (especially Pearl Stringer) refuse to give cookie-cutter facials. Pearl will throw in a bit of micro-dermabrasion if she thinks you need it, regardless of whether it's listed in your procedure description. Another bonus of a fancy spa such as this is that the technology is high-grade. For example, a high-frequency device is used over your skin, taking the place of traditional extractions. BHPS uses the spa brand Skin Ceuticals, including the cult beauty product C E Ferulic. Even the most frugal will be tempted to buy out the skincare line at the close of their time at BHPS. It's sort of worth it. 9454 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills; (310) 888-8087, beverlyhillsplasticsurgeryinc.com.

—Romina Rosenow

LA Weekly