Step aside, boys. Shareen's is a girl's-only vintage clubhouse. This warehouse of tutus, candy and magazines contrasts with its rather gritty setting in industrial downtown, but once inside you'll feel safe and welcomed by Shareen herself — or one of her stylish girls. Somebody will ask if it's your first visit, and if so, they'll help you navigate the initially overwhelming setup and explain how the wares are sorted (by era and style, mostly). One of the upsides to the store's unfriendly-to-pedestrians locale is that the place isn't overly picked-over, like Wasteland on Melrose. Oh, and why aren't boys allowed? For some reason — we like to think solidarity — there are no changing rooms. So physically fit or not, you'll have to flash some skin to the other browsing ladies when wriggling into your new '50s cocktail dress. Don't be shy, everyone's doing it. 1721 N. Spring St., dwntwn.; (323) 276-6226,

—Romina Rosenow

LA Weekly