Tired of flat-ironing the bejesus out of your hair? Instead of looking like you’ve donned a Cher fright wig, opt for a Milbon Japanese thermal straightening by instructress, color expert, aesthetician and self-admitted “control freak” Kazumi Morton at Gavert Atelier, where she’s been a frizz fighter for 11 years. The beauty of her work is that it isn’t Aniston-obvious or what she calls “Barbie-doll straight.” Your hair will have body; you’ll even be able to curl it with a curling iron or roll brush. Before you can say “Brazilian Blowout” (which she can do for those who demand major highlights), listen to Kazumi: “The Japanese process puts minimum stress on hair and has the longest-lasting results.” That’s where the control-freak aspect comes in. Kazumi delivers precise instruction about caring for your new ’do so it can endure color, highlights and everyday abuse without breakage. Heed her words and you’ll not only exit the salon with silky, sexy locks, you’ll look damn good six months later. 9666 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills. (310) 858-7898, gavertatelier.com. —Heidi Dvorak

LA Weekly