UCLA and USC host open studio nights about twice a year, and they usually list them on the art-school Web sites. What's the draw? A night of wine, cheese and art being offered by some of the premier graduate art schools in the country, and a bevy of smart, well-dressed and well-connected arty types. Basically, a wonderful opportunity to make a lo-o-o-ve connection. Hecuba and Pacific Trim played at the last USC open studio, and the thing turned into an all-night party as kids wandered in and out of the studios, lounged on scrappy couches and nibbled on Trader Joe's snacks. Beware the cigarette smoke, confusing art films and the pantheon of Snobby McSnobbersins, the latter of whom will most likely be disgusted that this tip was published. Consumerism, baby! Eat it up. You're going to have to find a new place to hate, because we're blowin' up your spot! UCLA: (310) 825-0557; USC: (213) 743-1804.

—Nikki Darling

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