Screw the endless, day-to-day, nonsweetened, nonfat, drip-coffee, triple-shot Americano routine. Classic Coffee in downtown Glendora, a virtual hot spot of PMS survivors and deadbeat college students, will have you out of your South Beach Diet and into a carbohydrate coma before you can say spumoni gelato. With such unique creations as frozen hot chocolate and horchata con espresso, the idea of ordering a plain cup of joe seems downright sorrowful. Not to mention the Bavarian pastries, slabs of tiramisu, and cheesecake squares leering at you from the lighted pastry case beside the cash register. And if you are lucky enough to come on a Monday night you will be able to join a plethora of different people from the community for the weekly game night, laced with sugary indulgences as always. So go ahead and melt your face into a double Ghirardelli mocha, then blow. Your daily Colombian black drip will one day learn to love again.

—Kirsten Hall

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