If you’re a parent like us – or have a child on your gift list this year – you’re continually searching for easy gift ideas for kids. 

Easy can mean a lot of things, like fast shipping, cheap prices, surefire winners and out-of-the-box surprises for the kid who already has everything. All of these factors are taken into account when I shop for my kids’ Christmas gifts, especially the last point. These past two-ish years of staying safer at home has had me buying toys for my boys left and right, in a desperate attempt to keep them occupied as I try in vain to work uninterrupted from the living room.

These attempts to keep them distracted and busy have made shopping for the holidays this year a little more difficult. Looking at our toy bins and playroom, it would seem that they have every single toy and bauble that has ever existed (or so my husband would tell you). So I went on a search for easy gift ideas for kids. Here are my favorite items that made our list: 

Easy Gift Ideas For Kids


Easy gift ideas for kids - KidStir

Jasper Finley and Charlie Finley, two little chefs.

For little ones that are curious about the kitchen, I can’t recommend KidStir enough. A cooking subscription box for children, each box is themed for the month you receive it. Educational and fun, every kit comes with easy recipe instructions, a cooking tool, fun activities and stickers. 

My sons are big chefs, so this was such an obvious addition to add to me easy gift ideas for kids. They’ll never get bored because the menu is always rotating, and they delight in learning and exploring in the kitchen, feeling the pride that comes with the autonomy of cooking for oneself. KidStir is the perfect Christmas gift for kids. 

They are currently having sales, so be sure to get in on the action!

Cheryl’s Cookies At 1-800-Flowers.Com

If you haven’t heard about Cheryl’s cookies, you need to hoof it to your laptop right now and order a batch. Would it be nice to have them for Christmas? Yes. Do they taste even better sitting on the couch watching TLC after the kids have gone to sleep, any night of the week? Also yes. But this is a list of easy gift ideas for kids, not moms, so I digress. 

I recently discovered that 1-800-Flowers.Com sells a whole lot more than flowers, in fact they sell my favorite frosted sugar cookie from Cheryl’s. I got mine in a cute little Christmas-themed box (that doubles as an excellent HotWheels holder once empty, reviews my two-year-old Jasper), and they were the hit of our recent Friendsgiving party with neighbors. I managed to save a few for the perfect kid’s stocking stuffer, and highly recommend you do the same. Easy as can be, delicious, no cooking or cleaning needed! While you’re on 1-800-Flowers’ website you’ll also see that you can cross just about everyone off your list with cute (and custom) gifts, making holiday shopping the breeze we all hope it will be. 

I also highly recommend the Holiday Cut-Out Decorating Kit from Cheryl’s Cookies for an easy and memory-making experience with your kids this season! Thanks to this cool kit, don’t have to fuss with baking in order to enjoy decorating Christmas cookies!

“The Cheryl’s Cookies Holiday Cut-Out Decorating Kit is my all-time favorite because it arrives with everything you need to create delicious buttercream frosted cookies right at home – and there is no baking necessary. It’s a perfect gift for kids that want to have a little fun in the kitchen, and they are yummy too,” praises Kara Jaggers, the Senior Director of Merchandising at Cheryl’s Cookies.

FunBoy Luxury Inflatable Snow Tubes

FunBoy Plaid Snow Tube

You’ve heard of snow tubes, but what about luxury snow tubes? FunBoy has some seriously cute designs that are perfect for uplifting your kiddo’s mood and getting them pumped for all your upcoming snow adventures (if you’re reading this from somewhere other than L.A., us snow-lovers envy your abundance of precipitation). For all you momfluencers out there, FunBoy’s luxury tubes are the perfect prop for your upcoming adorable winter content. 

From sleds, to tubes and even pool floats (gotta love Christmas in SoCal!), FunBoy has it all. Their products work well for both adults and children, and would be a great gift idea for kids of all ages (well, 14 and up if on the tube alone). 


I got my boys (read: my two toddlers and their thrill-seeking father) a giant plaid snow tube and also threw in an Inflate Anywhere Foot Pump because blowing up anything by mouth while kids whine at you to hurry up is not my idea of a good time. 

Parent Tip: Once a month I inflate all of our pool toys, snow tubes, beach boats, etc… and throw them into the living room for a surprise day of play. If you have a work deadline to meet, this is your Hail Mary. Grab one of FunBoy’s inflatable tubes for a discount while their Black Friday special is still running. 


This may seem like a weird addition to a children’s gift guide, but if your kid eats (both food and curious objects like crayons), the LifeVac should be on your easy gift ideas for kids list. It not only saves lives, but gives you priceless peace of mind knowing it’s on hand. LifeVac is a gifting-must for all parents in your life, absolutely no one would be disappointed to receive it. 

Because it’s an item I bought for my kids, and because unwrapping literally anything is a delight for them, I’m giving them another LifeVac this Christmas. You’ve already given them the gift of life once, why not throw in a few more times for good measure? 

JoySpring Vitamins’ ZincBerry

While they may not understand the gift of a strong immune system, it is a gift indeed. This great stocking stuffer will make your life easier when combating this year’s cold season. Zinc supplementation can help boost kids’ immune systems and organs and help them concentrate more in school. For adults, it can reduce age-related illnesses and keep health optimal too. My kiddos love the sugar-free naturally-flavored orange taste of these zinc drops and think they’re getting a treat! While you’re on the health kick, save on shipping and give JoySpring Vitamin’s Immune Boost – Echinacea Drops as well.

Rock the Locks Hair Color and Conditioners 

While this is on my easy gift ideas for kids list, it would also be top-ranked on my stocking stuffers for kids list if such a thing existed. As I’ve lamented throughout this article, parenting right now is hard. The kids are indoors a lot more than they should be, and everyone is losing their mind with boredom and frustration. As a harassed mother of a two-year-old and a four-year-old, who is also a full-time remote employee with no childcare, I’ve been through it trying to understand and address my children’s needs in order to achieve a more peaceful household. Rock the Locks has come to be a great ally to me on some of my hardest days. 

You see, at the age my children are at, frustration is a deep-rooted and impossible emotion to grapple with. They are frustrated that they can’t go out and play when they have the sniffles (which is all the time), they are bored with our daily routine. What they crave is autonomy – the ability to make choices about their body without mom or dad telling them no. Rock the Locks hair color and conditioners is a wonderful way to give kids the individuality they crave, with a good serving of fun alongside it. These 2-in1 hair color and conditioner bottles are budget-friendly, kid-friendly and hair friendly. The temporary (and non-staining) hair color lasts 5-15 shampoos and contains no phthalates, sulfates or parabens. 

Bio-Kult Infantis

All the holiday goodness can throw off a little one’s gut health pretty quickly. We recommend adding Bio-Kult Infantis to their stocking to ensure they remain their happy, tummy-ache free selves. This advanced multi-strain probiotic safe for babies, toddlers, and young children that contains Omega-3 and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 helps contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Bio-Kult Infantis does not need to be refrigerated and is suitable to be taken alongside antibiotics, when traveling and as part of a healthy diet.

Piggy Paint

Piggybacking on the above (pun intended), nail polish is our go-to for when the kids need to express themselves and feel more in control. Piggy Paint makes a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, as it’s a child nail polish that is non-toxic, odorless and cruelty free. It’s very easy to remove (from walls, floors, couches and nails…speaking from experience) and helps improve hand-eye coordination for an added benefit. From manicure sets to individual polishes, you’ll find some great deals including a discount for when you sign up to their newsletter. 


Piggy Paint

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