Orson Welles' 1958 film, Touch of Evil, is revered by film geeks for its three-minute, single-take opening sequence, which follows Janet Leigh and Charlton Heston as they traverse a seedy Mexican border town. It's fun to retrace Welles' camera movements on the spot where it was filmed by walking from the southeast corner of Speedway and Windward Avenue, heading west to Ocean Front Walk, then turning north and proceeding just past Market Street. Regrettably, much has changed since 1958, but some old baroque colonnades remain, and a dazzling mural by Jonas Never pays tribute to this noir scene. Come by late at night and the din of nearby Townhouse Cocktails will contribute to the louche vibe, and if you upload Henry Mancini's syncopated soundtrack and plug in your earbuds, you'll be transported back in celluloid time. Windward Avenue at Speedway, Venice. —Jeffrey Burbank

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