There's a timelessness to I. Ronni Kappos' jewelry. Its perfect home might be the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, where it could fit into almost any collection, from Ancient Egypt and the Bauhaus, to the artists Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky or El Lissitzky, to contemporary design. And, of course, it belongs in the museum shop — any museum shop. The L.A.–raised Kappos began making jewelry while a student at UC Santa Cruz. Her inspiration originated in midcentury architecture but has of late morphed into a more organic response to the vintage German glass beads she has been fortunate to find: flat, elegantly edged and rich in color. She sees her new designs as “flattened explosions of color.” In this Twilight world, where women's necks seem so vulnerable — and desirable — a Kappos necklace seems like both a talisman and a beacon. Take your pick. Available at Uncle Jer's, 4459 W. Sunset Blvd., L.A. (323) 662-6710); Show, 1722 N. Vermont Ave., L.A. (323)644-1960; Plastica, 8405 W. Third St., L.A. (323) 655-1051; and Weego Home, 2939 Main St., Santa Monica. (310) 392-8460. for details.

—Tom Christie

LA Weekly