Mention vegetarian food to most carnivores and the result is often a pained expression followed by a series of jokes about sawdust and paper. You need to get these people to Chatsworth. Woodlands features a south Indian lunch buffet and a large menu, but the real star here is on Wednesday nights, the Indo-Chinese Dosa Dinner Buffet.

On Hump Nights, ten varieties of the lentil and rice crepes are served at no extra cost with the buffet. As large as hubcaps prior to being rolled and plated, where they await chutney accompaniment, the choices range from plain to those topped with onions, filled with spiced potatoes and onions or smeared with a spicy chutney. Crisp and filling, dosas can stifle even the most hardcore of meat eaters. No joke.

This is one of over 400 pieces in our most recent Best of L.A. issue. Check it out.

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