Glassell Park's WagVille sets itself apart from L.A.'s myriad doggy daycares by checking off every item on the enthusiastic dog parent's list. Will Fluffy get to play out in the sunshine? Yup, it has got indoor/outdoor playgrounds. Is there proper air conditioning for sweltering summer temperatures? Sure thing, with outdoor pools, an indoor swamp cooler and staff who look for signs of overheating. Can Muffin get a manicure, a massage, anesthesia-free teeth cleaning and a personal training session? Your wish is WagVille's command. But what really stands out about this holistic dog daycare center is the staff. The employees show affection for every pooch that trots through the door, be it a handsome young husky or an aging pirate pug with one eye. And it's not merely an act from the front-of-house staff. There are four 24/7 webcams that allow helicopter dog parents to watch their furry friend in action and witness the attendants providing a fun, safe and clean environment for every pup. Rates are competitive at $35 for daycare, $50 for overnight kennel-free boarding. Plus, your dog has the option of sleeping on a comfy cot or in an actual bed with a pet human. They think of everything.

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