Thanks to the Internet, journalists and travel agents may soon be joined at the racetrack by ticket scalpers – or at least the kind that'd sell you last-minute tickets to important Dodger games outside the stadium gates. While Major League Baseball has contracted with Stub Hub (a division of eBay) for fans to bid on tickets from third parties, offers a truly no-fuss, no-muss method to get cheaper seats. Although the site offers discounts on air fares, hotel reservations and entertainment tickets, it's not a dealer in the way that, say, Expedia or Orbitz are. Instead, it's a service that scours certain target markets for temporary discounts, alerts customers who sign up for weekly e-mail bulletins, and then connects interested parties to the source vendors. In the case of the Dodgers, if you don't want to brave the team's cluttered Web site or drive out to the stadium's box office, TravelZoo is a good way to get guaranteed tickets at guaranteed discounts. Even after the Dodgers tack on the usual, outrageous remote-transaction fees, you'll still come out ahead. Three weeks before the 2009 season ended, TravelZoo sent out, in its weekly alert, notices for specific home games marked 40 percent off, accessible by a code the company provides clients. They also alert you to such added specials as free-parking nights and free–Dodger Dog games.

—Steven Mikulan

LA Weekly