You can't throw an I Ching these days without bouncing a coin off the back of a coach of some kind — life coach, business coach, wellness coach. Enter Russell Feingold: transformational coach extraordinaire. What separates Feingold from other therapists, counselors and coaches is his delicately balanced combination of heart-centered energy and shamanic insight. He sees your blind spots, your shadows and your shit clear as day, and he has no qualms about calling you out on 'em — hard and fast. Feingold doesn't dilly-dally with a once-a-week ramble about your story for years and years. He demands commitment and shows up for his clients just as he expects them to show up for themselves. The work is devastating, gut-wrenching, life-changing, paradigm-shifting — and absolutely transformative. As loving and nurturing as Feingold is balls-out unrelenting, he is the reflection that confronts you with your deepest, darkest, ickiest, ouchiest, ugliest self. And he holds your hand as you walk through the muck of your own twisted humanity, out to the other side, to the core of a bigger, brighter more authentic you. (619) 991-5683,

—Dani Katz

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