Suffice to say, Dave Ross is a funny guy. His storytelling and self-deprecating entr'actes to his own late, great Holy Fuck free comedy show in downtown L.A. were perfect morsels of what the kids used to call “alt comedy.” Even better, his superb taste in other comedians, from nobodies to marquee acts, brought together the kind of talent that average schmoes would have lined up to pay for at mainstage clubs. Ross takes all that and, with new co-host Anna Seregina, puts it into the magic of Internet streams. The show, operating under Nerdist's banner, focuses on insecurities rather than merely yuks, and, unlike certain garage-based hosts' nasal chattering, Ross' gravelly baritone has a soothing effect that facilitates his guests' self-dissection. While he's not drawing commanders-in-chief (yet), his roster pulls in the kinds of folks on the edge of L.A.'s cultural fabric whom you'll be posting about and retweeting in the years to come.

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