Compañía de Café is a sprawling specialty coffee shop quite unlike any other. Surely the colors tell you as much: The wall behind the register is a shade of pink that would not be out of place in an episode of Jem; the butter cookies and other house-made pastries are raucous pops of blues, yellows and hot pinks; and there's a beautiful blue tiled wall behind the coffee counter. It's from here that baristas pull terrific shots of espresso and make single-origin pour-overs, all with beans from the likes of George Howell Coffee. In a welcome departure from most specialty coffee shop menus, there are drinks here that smartly combine this excellent coffee with fun ingredients: a carbonated cold-brew with agua de jamaica, say, or a mocha spiked with Mexican dried chiles. The future of specialty coffee? Might be right here in the Valley. —Tien Nguyen

110 N. Maclay Ave., San Fernando, 91340. (747) 500-7102,

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