What do Seinfeld, Surfer Blood, and Snacks have in common? Yes, the letter “S,” but they are also on the mind of Best Coast's front lady Bethany Cosentino. Especially Snacks, her cat. The Just A Minute Project caught up with Ms. Cosentino in Leeds, England just before she spread some sunny SoCal jams to the (presumably) gloomy concrete jungle (definitely*). In exactly 60 seconds–with some choice editing–Cosentino reveals the U.S. release date for her debut album in July, and talks about choice encounters with Surferblood in the U.K.

We'd tell you more, but you should check out the videos (and some Seinfeld clips) after the jump. And don't miss the bonus video where Cosentino unveils her five favorite Seinfeld characters. Now, I know what you're thinking, and no she didn't just say Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, Newman, and George. She dug deep. How deep? Just watch after the jump.

*Leeds kind of blows. I should know, because I turned 19 there many lifetimes ago. My brother and I tried to celebrate my birthday in a truly mopey Northern English way at a Cat Power concert at the Cockpit (not a gay bar, contrary to popular belief). After a long day of touring the city, which looks like Robocop's pubes (yeah, I don't know either), we thought Cat Power's weeping would make us feel better. Yet, instead of seeing her bawl (she was [maybe] doing smack somewhere [anyone else think she was better when she was on herion ((don't do drugs, kids))]) we witnessed a band called Bis. Again, not bi's, as in sexually ambidextrous humans, but like Bis, the band who wrote the Powerpuff Girls Theme song. They were terrible. Pop as hell. Theme song music. Of course. It just didn't work in in the dreary English summer. Good luck Best Coast.

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