Craft beer might be getting all the attention right now, but it's all cider all the time at Great Society Cider & Mead, the first bar in Southern California dedicated to sourcing and serving America's historic boozy beverage in all its modern-day glory. The long-awaited bar and eatery opened in Long Beach over the summer with a 20-deep tap list that reads more like a craft beer lineup from a beautiful, alternate gluten-free universe than like those liquid Jolly Ranchers we've become accustomed to: Hard apple ciders dry-hopped with Centennial, Cascade and Columbus hops; wine barrel–aged and wild-fermented varietals; dry, crisp, unfiltered ciders; and fermented apples and pears infused with adjuncts such as charcoal, ginger, basil and agave nectar, among others. Then there are the meads, the other slice of Great Cider's uncommon focus, made from fermented honey and available on tap or as ultra-rare bottle pours — meads made from sage and wildflower honey, blended with apricots and hops; and fermented with Brettanomyces and Belgian ale yeast like your favorite Trappist beer. It's a selection you can't find anywhere else right now, making Great Society the only place in L.A. to get a taste of America's growing craft cider revolution.

LA Weekly