Part of being an adult is having things framed. When you were in the dorms, it was OK to tape the John Belushi “College” poster to the wall. That doesn't fly anymore. But that does not mean you have to go waste several hundred dollars at Aaron Brothers. Not when there's Frugal Phil's Frame Factory Outlet. The first thing to know about Frugal Phil's is that it's dramatically cheaper than most other frame stores. The second thing to know is that Phyllis Diller swears by it. Her headshot is everywhere in there. (She paints.) The framing business is mostly a racket. They will say they charge so much because a skilled craftsman has to custom-make each frame. Don't think of it as a frame, they will say. Think of it as furniture for your wall. If you can afford to think that way, fine. But if you just want something framed, head to Frugal Phil's.

2317 Westwood Blvd., West L.A.; (310) 475-1404,

—Gene Maddaus

LA Weekly