For years, Michael Benevento Gallery was on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, right near a smoke shop and a tattoo parlor. Now it's on Beverly, a few doors down from the Ambassador Dog and Cat Hospital, in a neighborhood with no other contemporary galleries (at least for now). The new space is barely marked, so you might miss it even if you know where you're going. Inside, it has a series of small rooms on two sides, separated in the back by an office and a hallway out to the parking lot. Together, these rooms could easily function as a maze, if any one artist got it in her mind to confuse her viewers. This hasn't happened yet, but back in January, artist David Snyder did turn two galleries into ruined office spaces. Well-used lamps lit plywood infrastructure held up by potted plants and upturned shopping carts. Later, Polly Apfelbaum put crushed, dyed velvet on the floor so it looked like a static explosion. She also hung porcelain balls on strings that led up to a festive painting by Dona Nelson, in which two yellow arms encircled many bumpy orbs. More good shows undoubtedly are on the way.

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