With cannabidiol (CBD) products emerging as a strong recent trend in natural medicine, there are endless applications and benefits that you could enjoy if you incorporate CBD into your care routine.

While CBD is still undergoing a heavy amount of research, the results it’s shown so far are incredible and are very promising when it comes to managing a range of conditions and disabilities. One particular study even highlighted that CBD shows immense promise in helping manage pain and inflammation. As such, it’s no surprise that many people are starting to look into CBD to find some relief and respite from their daily aches.

However, when it comes to finding and picking out the best possible CBD product for oneself, shoppers have a whole slew of options to choose from. From tinctures to supplements, capsules, and even topical variants – cannabidiol products come in quite a few shapes, sizes, and concentrations.

Of all these types, when it comes to managing pain and inflammation, CBD Salves are considered to be one of the best approaches to using CBD for relieving pain. And to save you hours of researching, pondering over the intricacies and perusing the web for information – we’ve gone ahead and compiled the ultimate “top list” of the best CBD salves for pain.

Keep reading to learn why these CBD salves stand a cut above the rest, learn about each product in detail, and get answers to some of the most pressing questions on your mind.

Let’s dive right in!

Our Criteria For Choosing The Best CBD Salves

There is a wealth of different factors to take into account when weeding through all of the CBD salves available on the market. For the purpose of this guide, we’ve stuck with the most essential factors that separate a fantastic CBD product from the rest of the competition. These factors are:

Quality of Ingredients

When it comes to good CBD topicals, making sure that the ingredients are all-natural is paramount. In addition to this, we’ve looked at the quality control processes the brands have in place.

Product Effectiveness

If you’re buying a salve to help manage pain and inflammation, it’s essential that it actually accomplishes the task. We’ve dug deep into testimonials and tried the products ourselves to compare how they stack up against the most popular options.

Brand Reputation & Transparency

Reputation precedes appearance. This age-old adage is especially applicable to CBD brands. We’ve researched each brand, with a focus on their transparency about their manufacturing, growing, and procurement processes.

Price & Cost-Effectiveness

Paying premium for a certain luxury sensation definitely has its place. However, we’ve paid close attention to the “bang for your buck.” In other words, how effective a given product is versus its cost and the quantity you’ll be getting.

Customer Service & Buying Experience

The last thing you’d want is an obfuscated and confusing shopping experience. We’ve made sure to look into each brand’s customer support practices and analyze the entire buying process from start to finish. Having looked at some of the scoring criteria that we’ve used to pick out the creme de la creme, let’s dive into our top 5 picks!

Our Top 5 Picks: The Best CBD Salve for Pain

1. Cheef Botanicals CBD Relief Salve – 15% OFF with code LA15

Founded by a team of CBD enthusiasts to provide a health-conscious and all-organic approach to CBD, Cheef Botanicals is one of the top cannabidiol brands on the market today.

With more than two decades of combined experience and an incredible lineup of experts – this brand has been making waves all across the industry.

Why, you might ask? It’s all thanks to their incredible health-first approach to their products. From Colorado-grown all organic hemp to a total lack of any unnatural ingredients used during the growth and manufacturing processes, Cheef Botanicals is plain awesome! And they even offer gluten and dairy-free organic options.

All in all, they put their customers’ wellness first!

  • Quality Of Ingredients – You’ll find zero GMO, pollutants, pesticides, artificial scents, flavors, or any other inorganic ingredients. Their components are top-notch and sourced from all-organic producers while undergoing an extensive quality control process before being used in making their CBD products.
  • Product Effectiveness – At a 500mg concentration, this is a potent salve that is fast-acting and incredibly Forget about any sort of oily feeling, it rubs in nicely and smells fantastic as well.
  • Brand Reputation & Transparency – Cheef Botanicals is one of the most trusted, transparent, and well-loved brands in the CBD industry right now. You’ll find third-party lab results along with accurate information on how each product is made, right on their site.
  • Price & Cost Effectiveness – At 60 mL, you’re paying only $0.08 per mg of CBD. This is one of the most affordable and most effective CBD topicals all in one!
  • Customer Service & Buying Experience – Just like the brand itself, the website is down to earth. No flashy graphics or animations. You’ll find a clean interface that contains all the information you’ll need, and presents it to you in an approachable manner. Checking out is a breeze, and you’ll get plenty of communication from their customer support reps to keep you posted on the status of your order.

Our Verdict All in all, this is, in our eyes, the absolute best option when it comes to finding the perfect topical CBD product for pain. It’s incredibly affordable, impressively effective, and we certainly love the work that Cheef Botanicals is putting into advancing the industry as a whole!

Use code LA15 for 15% Off CBD Relief Salve at Cheef Botanicals.

2. Joy Organics CBD Salve

Joy Organics actively promotes its lineup of cannabidiol products as “the world’s premier line of broad-spectrum products.” And from what we’ve seen of the brand over the last 3 years, we’re happy to say that their message stands true.

As a family-run business, they really invest in quality and transparency. But the biggest upside to their brand is how approachable it is for the average person. No seedy head shops, no uncomfortable experience. From the moment you land on their site, to using their CBD products, you’re in great, knowledgeable hands.

  • Quality Of Ingredients – This is a potent full-spectrum salve with a wealth of natural ingredients. From organic hemp to MCTs, lavender, and eucalyptus, Joy Organics definitely invests in the wellbeing of their customers.
  • Product Effectiveness – Very potent with a 500mg per ounce dose. Thanks to its bioactive ingredients, it has a very quick onset and is very soothing.
  • Brand Reputation & Transparency – Despite only being on the market since 2017, you’d be hard-pressed to find any negative byword about Joy Organics.
  • Price & Cost Effectiveness – You’ll be getting a 30mL container, at roughly $0.11 per mg of CBD.
  • Customer Service & Buying Experience – Their website is very minimalistic and simple to use. Whether you’re trying to buy a product, get in touch, or find information, it takes a matter of seconds to do. Their customer service is outstanding, and the support representatives are definite product experts.

Our Verdict Joy Organics is a rising star in the CBD market with their stellar and eloquent approach to cannabidiol products. They invest heavily in helping the industry advance via their high-quality CBD, extensive transparency, and a much more approachable brand-feel for the average consumer.

Check out the Joy Organics Salve on their website.

3. CBDistillery CBDol Topical Salve

If you know anything about the CBD industry, you’ve likely heard about CBDistillery before. This is due to the fact that they are one of the biggest CBD manufacturers out there. And with years of experience in creating amazing cannabidiol products, they’re really pushing the industry towards new heights.

Their CBDol Topical salve is no exception to their fantastic reputation, and it takes its place on our list as one of the best salves out there. It’s incredibly effective, all-natural, and very affordable. What more could you want?

  • Quality Of Ingredients – What you’re getting here are full spectrum CBD topicals that are made with a wide range of all-natural components. You’ll find Non-GMO hemp, lavender, green tea, and peppermint alongside other ingredients with a coconut oil base.
  • Product Effectiveness – Clocking in at a 500mg CBD strength, this is one of the most potent salves on the market. It’s super soothing, and the fragrance is very light and pleasant.
  • Brand Reputation & Transparency – CBDistillery is known as one of the most proactive and responsible brands in the industry.
  • Price & Cost Effectiveness – With a 30mL tub of salve, you’re effectively paying $0.10 per mg of CBD.
  • Customer Service & Buying Experience – Their website is very responsive, featuring a straightforward checkout process. In addition to this, their customer service team is knowledgeable, quick to respond, and always happy to help. The cherry-on-top is the fact that they ship for free on orders over $75.

Our Verdict At the end of the day, this is definitely one of the best and most effective CBD salves on the market. Without a doubt, CBDistillery’s CBDol Topical Salve is an option that you can’t go wrong with.

Check out the CBDol Topical Salve at CBDistillery.

4. Blue Ridge Hemp Company CBD Infused Salve

Blue Ridge Hemp Company is by no means a new kid on the block. They’ve been actively building a strong name for themselves since 2015. And those efforts have definitely paid off.

They’ve got one of the largest and most diverse lineups of CBD products in the industry. And they’re backed by a massive social media following thanks to how much effort they put into promoting the industry and pushing the envelope when it comes to making CBD products a mainstream wellness option for consumers.

  • Quality Of Ingredients – Blue Ridge Hemp Co uses industrial hemp in combination with terpene botanicals and a variety of essential oils for their salves. A full list of their ingredients is available directlyon the product description.
  • Product Effectiveness – At 200mg of CBD, this is one of the milder dosages that you can find. Which makes it perfect for skincare as well as topical relief for soreness and joint pain. However, when it comes to chronic pain, it’s not as effective.
  • Brand Reputation & Transparency – With years of experience and market exposure, this North Carolina brand has built up a solid name for itself. They’ve also amassed a huge social media following thanks to their frequent educational and behind the scenes content.
  • Price & Cost Effectiveness – It comes in a 60mL tub, and you’re looking at around $0.25 per mg of CBD, which is quite expensive compared to most other options we’ve reviewed.
  • Customer Service & Buying Experience – Buying a product from them is a straightforward process, and customer support is very proactive in terms of their communication. However, their website is a little cluttered with information, which can make it hard to find answers to the exact questions you have without going through the support desk.

Our Verdict All in all, Blue Ridge Hemp Company is a very established brand in the industry. And we’re happy to say that their CBD Infused Salve reflects the great reputation they’ve built up. However, it’s a bit more expensive than you’d expect, which is in part due to the fact that it contains a whole wealth of natural ingredients to make it that much more.

Check out the CBD Infused Salve by Blue Ridge Hemp on their website.

5. Spruce Topical CBD Salve

Despite being one of the newest CBD brands to emerge on the market in 2018, Spruce has been very busy. They’ve been actively pursuing their mission of offering laboratory-grade cannabidiol products tailor-made for relieving pain. And with their super-potent all-natural products, it’s easy to see why so many people have been opting to shop with Spruce.

  • Quality Of Ingredients – They use an organic full spectrum CBD oil in combination with olive and coconut oils, shea butter, and beeswax.
  • Product Effectiveness – With a 1,000mg and 2,000 mg option, you’re getting a whole lot of CBD. It’s the most potent salve on our list. And it does wonders for chronic pain, joint pain, and inflammation thanks to it’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Brand Reputation & Transparency – The brand has a fantastic reputation with a hefty social media following to boot. However, we were a little hard-pressed to find any lab results on their products or more in-depth information on where they source their ingredients.
  • Price & Cost Effectiveness – They offer two sizes, a 25mL, and a 50mL container. You should expect to pay around $0.09 per mg of CBD, which is relatively
  • Customer Service & Buying Experience – Their website is very modern, responsive, and straightforward. Checking out takes a matter of minutes, and finding the right products is easy. Customer support is also readily available to help you get the answers you need. However, they have ventured a step too far towards minimalism as their site doesn’t contain much product information beyond the absolute essentials.

Our Verdict Overall, Spruce is a fantastic CBD brand with an equally as awesome lineup of CBD topicals for pain management. They’ve done a lot of good work throughout the industry and actively strive to modernize the CBD buying experience, helping it become more approachable for the average consumer.

Visit Spruce to check out their Topical CBD Salve.

What Are CBD Salves Made From?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, unlike CBD oil, topical CBD Salves actually contain a wealth of natural ingredients along with the cannabidiol extract. These could be essential oils, terpenes, moisturizing ingredients, and other natural components like coconut oil and beeswax. All of these ingredients play a vital role in how effective CBD topicals such as salves will be. In reality, cannabidiol salves are incredibly simple products with next to no side effects! Practically any salves on the market feature the three following categories of natural components:

  1. Natural “wax” agent, which typically happens to be all-natural beeswax.
  2. A vehicle to carry the CBD, which is generally a fatty oil base such as coconut oil.
  3. Therapeutic and medicinally beneficial compounds such as CBD and terpenes.

An interesting fact is that CBD topicals that feature a larger concentration of fatty oils can actually carry higher doses of cannabidiol. However, if you’re allergic or sensitive to coconut oil, in particular, there’s a wealth of other options available.

So, you may be wondering about how CBD topicals such as salves are actually made. Thankfully, we had a chance to peek behind the scenes thanks to how transparent and open many of the brands we’ve featured above are, to learn about their “tricks of the trade.”

The first step in the process is to grind up the CBD flower, which would then be steeped at high temperatures (over 200F) in the oil base of the manufacturer’s choosing. This allows the cannabidiol to be decarboxylated and allows for the oil’s fatty acids to combine with the CBD. At this stage, the CBD-rich oil would then be mixed with a heated wax agent (such as beeswax) to create the base for the salve. If the manufacturer chooses to add any other natural ingredients such as menthol, essential oils, lavender, and so forth – they would be added at this stage alongside the oil.

While we’ve gone over the generic range of ingredients that you’ll find in most salves, any good CBD manufacturer will still list out every ingredient they use on the product’s label. So definitely do your due diligence to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the secondary ingredients used.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CBD Salves?

With so many different types of CBD products out and about, each one of them has their own distinct upsides and cons. As such, many people find themselves wondering what the benefits of using CBD topicals like salves over any other type of cannabidiol product are.

Let’s start with the general health benefits of cannabidiol, which come from its natural interaction with your body’s immune system via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS features CB2 receptors all throughout our bodies, which includes many of our vital organs. And one area of our bodies where these receptors are particularly prevalent is the skin.

If you opt for tinctures or capsules, you can enjoy a fast onset of the desired effects as the CBD can reach receptors across the entire body. As such, this makes tinctures and capsules fantastic as daily supplements. However, generally, CBD oil on its own tastes pretty bad and does little for topical aches.

This is where CBD topicals, salves, in particular, come into the picture. Firstly, they help you mitigate the undesirable aftertaste as you would be applying them topically (rubbing them into your skin). In addition to this, due to the skin’s concentration of CB2 receptors, salves and other topical applications are fantastic at quickly providing relief from pain and reducing inflammation.

In fact, the US government even holds a patent that suggests that CBD features a wealth of anti-inflammatory properties that, when combined with it being rich in antioxidants, prove to be an excellent skincare product and anti-inflammatory.

How To Use A CBD Salve For Pain Relief

One of the biggest perks of using CBD topical products to relieve pain is that they’re incredibly easy to apply and incorporate into your regular care routine. All you have to do is take a small bit of salve and gently rub it into the affected area of skin over the aching part of your body. Once it’s applied, you’ll want to massage it in gradually.

What To Look For In A Quality CBD Salve?

When it comes to buying the best CBD topical products, there are a few things that you’ll want to look out for to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Salves are no exception, and with the rapidly increasing amount of products becoming available to consumers in recent years, it’s important to be able to differentiate high-quality CBD topicals from sub-par alternatives.

Here are a few of the key things to look out for:

1. The Method of Extraction

The best quality CBD should be extracted without the use of butane to supply the heat required to bind the oil with the CBD.

When other heating agents are used in the process, they frequently cause a chemical reaction between themselves and the CBD, which ultimately alters CBD’s natural properties. As such, even though it’s often possible to distill out these agents later in the production process, the CBD remains chemically altered, which can often bear negative side effects for the consumers that use these low-quality products.

2. The Hemp Growing Standards

If you care about the effectiveness and health implications of any CBD topical salves that you’re planning on using, going all-natural is the best possible approach. And this approach starts with how the hemp is grown and processed.

Products made with hemp that was grown with the use of pesticides and foreign chemicals are just plain unhealthy. Typically, these sorts of chemical agents are used to kill pests and boost the plant’s growth in an unnatural manner. As such, these toxic chemicals can take away from the health benefits of your products. This is especially important for hemp, as this plant soaks up all of the chemicals and nutrients that it can find in the soil it’s being grown in.

Knowing this, it’s very important to be on the lookout for organic naturally grown hemp, from manufacturers that are entirely transparent about their growing process.

3. Third-Party Lab Testing Results

With such a wide variety of different CBD topical products appearing on the market almost daily, it’s important that you’re completely in the know of what goes into or onto your body.

This is exactly why many top CBD topical product manufacturers invest heavily in making sure that all of their products are extensively tested before being shipped out to customers. And with how important transparency is across the industry, you shouldn’t have to dig deep to find the results of these tests. Typically, top CBD topical products will feature third-party lab testing results that will give you the A-Z of what goes into the products and how effective they are, right there on the product page.

4. Avoid Inorganic & Unnatural Components

It’s important to make sure your CBD products don’t contain any unnatural or inorganic components. These could be flavorings or pharmaceutical soothing agents for pain relief. Unfortunately, they often take away from the natural healing properties of cannabidiol that make CBD such a popular treatment option in modern times. A good natural CBD product should contain only all-natural ingredients from the main agents to the CBD and any secondary components.

Conclusion – Choosing The Best Cannabidiol Salve For Your Pain

Congratulations on making it to the end of our ultimate guide to the best CBD salves for pain. You should now have all the know-how needed to pick out the best possible product for yourself.

We’ve gone over the top 5 CBD salves on the market. We’ve also covered the benefits of topical cannabidiol products. And we’ve even gone over the details of what goes into a high-quality salve while answering the most popular FAQs that we get from readers.

Our final recommendation is the CBD Relief Salve by Cheef Botanicals! This salve poses the best value along with the best effectiveness for pain relief. But there’s more! It’s made by an absolutely fantastic and innovative all-natural brand. A brand that really focuses on a sustainable, gluten, and dairy-free organic lineup. As a special thank you to our readers, use code LA15 for 15% off!

We hope that our guide has inspired you to find the perfect CBD topicals for yourself. And we hope that our top picks have helped you narrow down your personal shopping shortlist. Looking for other CBD products? Check out our top 5 list for the best CBD flower online here.

Now it’s our turn to hear from you. Do you agree with our picks? Is there another salve that you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!


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